Significant Projects

I have worked on projects that seem to stand on their own. Usually they are a single piece made up of many images.


This piece incorporates actual architectural remnant from a church. I used liquid emulsion to transfer images of dance and an animal. It represents my "religion" which seems to be about making art.

Nature's Dance

I made a Remembrance to the Sculptor Karl Blossfeldt by reimaging his photographs and placing a found photograph in the center of the collage. I called it Nature's Dance because I think that how we interact with nature is a "dance".

The Ambassadors …
of [the elusive; the absent; the irrecoverable].

The ambiguity of the face and expression leaves the subject open, which can be an important aspect of making good photographs.

I have a large collection of found odd photographs. Perhaps it was the awkwardness of a face or a dissatisfied expression I was responding to by choosing these for a grid. They represent any of the above list — or viewers can make up their own title.

I wanted materials that would reflect, be translucent, and define borders. I also wanted repetition of these faces. I decided to use a wet transfer process to move them onto acrylic by hand. The process is so satisfying to me.

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